The Farm La Galizia


Recovered in 2008, the agricultural holding has for objective that of recovering and sustainably maintain the vast importance that the territory, both environmentally and socio-culturally, can offer us.
All our activities are located in the southwest area of Milan, where in approximately 100 hectares we carry out agricultural activities, the breeding of animals, and where we transform our products. Combining our passion for nature and entrepreneurial spirit. In our lands we grow maize, rice, barley, wheat, hay, and fruit. In an Ethically correct environment we greed pigs, cattle and court animals (such as chickens and geese, whose meets are to try! Moreover, thanks to laboratories inside our structure we produce tasty salami, jams, juices, ice creams, honey… and much more!
The company structure is based on three main bases: Farm Galizia, real jewel of accomodati between the municipalities of Cuggiono and Robecchetto con Induno; Farm Gallarata the “productive” soul of the families; and Farm Croce, the hidden jewels still to be enhanced.