BEEF TARTARE - Limousine beef, Chicory salad, Mustard and Honey, marinated Yolk 14,00 Euro
THE POTATO - Potato, Fontina cheese, Bacon, hay smoked Butter, Rosemary 12,00 Euro
SOFT EGG - Soft Egg with Bread cream, Scimudin cheese, Jerusalem artichokes chips 14,00 Euro
THE STURGEON - Sturgeon with Garda’s olive oil, crunchy black Polenta, Mandarin zest, Dill and Tomato powder 16,00 Euro
CHEESE AND SALAMI TASTING - Tasting of local cuts and cheeses, vegetables salad, gnocco fritto 14,00 Euro

RISOTTO - Carnaroli rice, Beetroot, Casera cheese cream and Parsley essence 14,00 Euro
TAGLIATELLA - Homemade tagliatella, beef ragout and dark chocolate 14,00 Euro
TORTELLONE - Casseoeula Raviolo, Cabbage broth, Lemon confit, Garda olive Oil with Chives 14,00 Euro
PASSATELLI - Passatelli pasta, Nut cream, “Jus de veau” with Thyme 14,00 Euro
MALTAGLIATI - Maltagliati pasta, Beans, pork Cheek, Tomato confit, Leek 14,00 Euro

COSTATA - Limousine Ribeye Steak, hay smoked Butter, Baked Potatoes, Bacon and chili Vegetables 28,00 Euro
TAGLIATA - Sliced limousine Beef, sautéed Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli 22,00 Euro
CRUNCHY FILET - Limousine beef Filet smoked with herbs, grated Cauliflower 30,00 Euro
GALIZIA SANDWICH- Pulled beef, Gorgonzola, caramelized Onion, homemade Bread, French Fries 18,00 Euro
BOLLITO - Boiled beef, steamed Vegetables, green sauce, Mustard 18,00 Euro


TARTE TATIN- Apple tarte tatin with Vanilla ice-cream 8,00 Euro
SOUFFLE' - Dark chocolate soufflè, orange and english cream 8,00 Euro
GALIZIA TIRAMISU’ - Biscuit, fresh Mascarpone and dark Chocolate 7,00 Euro
FARMER'S SNACK - Pear marmelade, Yogurt foam, Origan and crunchy Corn 8,00 Euro
GOLOSI DI NATURA - Fruit sorbets, fiordilatte ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream 7,00 Euro
Bread and cover3,00 Euro